The seed fund, financed by Alumni, which supports and invests in start-ups from the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Ecole Polytechnique

Polytechnique Ventures is the venture capital fund of Ecole Polytechnique

We support entrepreneurs from the School's ecosystem.
We target strong visions and diverse technologies.
We nurture ambitious and innovative strategies that aim to resolve tomorrow’s economic and societal challenges.

We support start-ups from the ecosystem ...

We finance pre-seed, seed and Series A companies founded by one or more Alumni, emanating from one or more X laboratories, or incubated within X.

... that innovate within the schools’ sectors of technological excellence

We target all the technological sectors that make up the excellence of Ecole Polytechnique.

Proximity, experience, ambition, excellence, and generosity are the strengths of Polytechnique Ventures.

We bring to entrepreneurs:
- close ties with the campus and the support tools offered by the school’s incubators, technical platforms, and Fab Lab;
- experience and rigor in early-stage financing;
- access to a network of seasoned experts and mentors, both in science and technology and in industry, strategy, and business;
- the benevolence to support and encourage their pugnacity.

"Polytechnique Ventures is one of our investors that has brought us the most in terms of support, counsel and networking, on top of the financial aspect."

Joseph Choueifaty

Goodvest Co-Founder & CEO

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